Georgia Companies sign the Hire a Georgia Hero pledge Posted on April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013

To date, 39 Georgia companies have signed the Hire a Georgia Hero campaign pledge committing to give Georgia’s veterans enhanced hiring opportunities for their open positions. The job openings are hosted Operation:Workforce serves as a one-stop online guide for veteran resources and services in Georgia. This web portal links resources from multiple state agencies and private organizations that serve veterans. The site also includes dynamic content that is comprehensive, intuitive, and appealing to veterans and Georgia employers alike.

Companies who take the pledge are committing to aid in the effort of matching Georgia’s Veterans with appropriate and fulfilling employment opportunities, which will benefit not only our veterans, but Georgia’s workforce development efforts as well.

The Georgia companies who have signed the pledge are listed in the attached spreadsheet.

“The Governor’s Office of Workforce Development would like to thank these 39 companies for committing to helping Georgia’s brave veterans find meaningful employment after their enlisted service,” said Tricia Pridemore, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development. “These men and women have fearlessly fought for our great state and country; we must ensure Georgia provides them with the necessary resources to easily transition back into civilian life.”

The Hire a Georgia Veteran Campaign is hosted on the Operation: Workforce web portal at

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