Georgia offers License Provision to Help Veterans Transition to the Civilian Workforce Posted on November 10, 2014

ATLANTA, November 10, 2014 – The Veteran and Spousal Licensure Act expedites the transfer of specific military certifications to professional licenses in the state.  This provision, signed into legislation in June 2013, assists in facilitating veterans’ transitioning back to the civilian workforce.


As the country prepares to observe Veterans Day – we want to remind military personnel of this licensure opportunity that can help our veterans transition into the civilian workforce,” said Ben Hames, Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce division.


The Veteran and Spousal Licensure Act assists Georgia veterans by applying their military experience and expertise to applicable positions in today’s workforce. Since its signing, representatives from Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce division, the Secretary of State’s office, Georgia licensing boards and Georgia Department of Defense have partnered together to designate specific skills that transfer between military and civilian jobs. The act, established specifically for Georgia veterans and their spouses, can quickly transfer targeted training into valuable careers upon returning home.


Careers that require state licenses and are covered under this provision include: Electrical Contractor Class I, Journeyman Plumber, Conditioned Air Contractor Class I, Residential-Light Commercial Contractor and Utility Foreman.


It is projected that by 2016, Georgia will have more than 60,000 military servicemen and women leave active duty and enter the civilian workforce. In addition, Georgia’s skilled trade sectors are projected to have more than 60,000 vacancies by the year 2020. The Veteran and Spousal Licensure Act is an opportunity to fill the labor gap in skilled trades with qualified unemployed veterans.


The veteran application for state licensees is available through the Secretary of State’s website at  Veterans must complete the application within 180 days of discharge from active duty in order to be considered.

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