Veterans Program Staff Determined to Connect Service Members and Georgia Employers Posted on July 26, 2013

Who better to help ensure that employers recognize the unparalleled talents of our veterans than someone who proudly served our country himself? The Governor’s Office of Workforce Development is happy to welcome Maj. Gen. David Bockel as the new veterans program liaison. Maj. Gen. Bockel’s insight into the value veterans bring to our workforce will help us connect service members with the state’s growing opportunities.

With skilled military veterans returning each year and 100,000 job openings right here in Georgia, making sure these veterans’ skills are utilized will benefit hard-working service men and women, businesses, and the entire state.

“As a military veteran myself, I know the critical skills that these veterans have to offer in the workplace,” said Maj. Gen. Bockel. “It is my goal to make it easier for these men and women to find jobs after returning from duty, ultimately lowering the veteran unemployment numbers in our state.”

Maj. Gen. Bockel works with current GOWD veterans programs such as the one-stop Operation: Workforce portal and Troops to Trucks initiative. He is focused on finding the best ways to expand these opportunities to largest number of people by maintaining relationships with the state’s eight different military installations, staying connected with Georgia employers and attending veterans’ job fairs.

“It’s just as  important that we not only connect veterans with job openings, but that we also make sure they have all of the certifications and resources  necessary to make a quick and seamless transition back into civilian life,” said Maj. Gen. Bockel.

After retiring as chief executive officer of Bockel & Co., and as a major general in the Army Reserve commanding the 90 Regional Support Command in Little Rock, Ark., Bockel served as the executive director of the Reserve Officers Association in Washington, D.C., and as the executive director of the Georgia Military Affairs Coordinating Committee before joining the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development this summer.

Along with his obvious passion for veterans, Maj. Gen. Bockel’s professional assurance of the expertise veterans bring to the workplace is sure to make “Hire a Georgia Veteran” a pledge that employers across the state experience first-hand.

Check out the resources page to see what we, and other agencies and programs throughout the state, can provide our returning heroes. Look here to see more of the initiatives the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development has planned for veterans.

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