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Technical College System of Georgia

The Technical College System of Georgia provides a unified system of technical education, adult education , and customized business and industry training.

Hire Our Heroes

Hire Our Heroes offers resources to employers which make it easier to find veterans with the skills needed to fill job openings..

Hire Our Heroes USA

Many veterans struggle to market themselves effectively. Employers receive resumes every day from veterans, but hiring managers have trouble understanding the military lingo and identifying transferable skills. Hire Heroes believes a solution to the problem is to train job-seeking veterans to find and attain employment, while creating opportunities for employers to meet those veterans.

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VETLANTA is a club operated exclusively for veteran social and business networking and community service purposes. Our purpose is to foster collaboration among Atlanta area businesses to support veteran-orientated initiatives. We seek to strengthen the community of Atlanta through empowering veterans, recognizing their individual and collective skills. We network with Atlanta area businesses (including non-profits, education institutions, government agencies), to find those organizations with like-minded values who may have opportunities for veterans. To maximize our impact on current efforts, VETLANTA may become involved with local volunteer opportunities in order to facilitate camaraderie and give veterans a chance to network effectively.


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